Discover New Multi Food's Journey

Founded in 1990s, New Multi Foodstuff. is a trusted importer and distributor of quality products and specializes in Frozen Food consisting of Process Food, Chicken, Seafood, Dried Food, Nuggets, Sausages, Wraps, Preserved fish, Chilli Padi, Dried Food, sauces and many more. With over 20 years of robust experience, we emphasis on providing our customers the best of our services. We source and deliver a wide array high quality products to schools, restaurants, bars, cafes, quick-service restaurants, catering and clubhouses as well as many other segments.


Our Vision is to be a trusted food importer, distributor and processor of high-end food stuff.


We aim to innovate our products always and continuously offer premium products to our customers.


Quality, innovation, service and safety.

New Multi Foodstuff Quality System

To ensure hygiene and safety, New Multi ensure that all manufactured food products produced has been fully implemented quality system.

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