New Multi Superior Pen Cai (5pax)


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New Multi Superior Pen Cai (5pax) 鸿运高级盆菜 (5 人)
1) Superior Shark's Fin -M    优质鱼翅 M

2) 6-Head Abalone   六头鲍鱼

3) Braised Sea Cucumber  红烧海参

4) Fortune Black Dace Ball  财富黑鲮鱼球

5) Braised Pork Hock  红烧猪蹄

6) Braised Chicken Mid Joint Wings 红烧鸡中翅

7) Braised Flower Mushroom  红烧花菇

8) Chinese Creamed Cabbage 奶油白菜

9) Abalone Stock 鲍鱼高汤

10) Fish Maw 鱼肚

11) Conch Meat 海螺肉

12) Dried Japan Scallop 干贝

13) Fresh Scallop 新鲜扇贝

14) Prawn 虾

15) Taro 芋头

16) Lotus Root 莲藕

17) Wild Fungus  野生菌

18) Fried Bean Curd  炸豆腐


How to prepare:
1) Defrost 20mins

2) Steam for 15-20mins



Min 1 week delivery. Our staff will contact you for the delivery date.


最短 1 周交货。我们的工作人员将与您联系以了解交货日期

Gross Weight 3kg

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